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We provide the most intelligent and effective business services through our unique processes and our dedicated database of manufacturing companies. 

Our portfolio allows brand owners to instantly develop a list of highly qualified candidates to represent their products in addition to offering high-level market research, export success and market integration internationally.

Products Marketers Limited introduces your brands into international markets, produces and supports effective and revenue producing marketing campaigns, develops concepts, and facilitates research to help our clients achieve unprecedented results. 

Our vast E- Suppliers database and well-established partner relationships allows us to operate in an effective and efficient manner that allows our client to experience high levels of success. 

Our professional markets and researched services ensure that there is a balance in our supply chain which serves to preserve our clients’ product volumes.  

We ensure that our clients’ products are in the right place (throughout Africa, Europe and Asia) at the right time (meeting delivery dateline) for the right price (budget-friendly).

In 2014, after intensive market research, we expanded our businesses to three more African countries.


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