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Products Marketers Limited provides unique, practical and effective export development solutions for companies and businesses of all sizes. We provide our clients with logical and proven plans that stimulate growth and increase corporate profitability. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge, experience and long-term relationships with over 100 brands and leading distributors throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and beyond

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Evaluate our clients’ product portfolio and identify those in-demand export prospects.

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 Provide comprehensive tools and resources to support the product launch phase.

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Prioritize countries and retailers for export. Identify partner alternatives including distributors and brokers, and develop realistic shipment objectives that match your budget and investment plan.

Review local competitors and analyze category pricing in order to highlight and differentiate our clients’ brands.

Define your brand's sales strategy including pricing and assortment, as part of our structured marketing programs which result in the creation of high demand and repeat purchases of our clients’ products and services.

Identify best-in-class partners in target countries and conduct thorough partner assessments and evaluations for the purpose of maximizing sales and minimizing risk.

 Coordinate product launches and timelines with distributors. We establish specific scorecard objectives on major customer acceptance, retail availability, pricing, shelf presence, and merchandising programs. Our ongoing analytical processes allow us to monitor and modify progress so that our clients stay profitable. 


Export Workshops

 Products Marketers Limited is a leader in export development and distribution management for large industry sectors including the food and consumer packaged goods industry, and oil and gas sectors. We share our concepts, plans, and processes with executives, clients, distributors, brokers, and market leaders through PowerPoint presentations to consumer goods professionals across Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the United States.

Products Marketers Limited can provide you or your organization with export training modules and dynamic presentations.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of our  presentations today!


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